Group Practice Builders was born from the aspiration and determination of Michael Blumberg and Maureen Werrbach to provide quality, engaging, and thorough education specifically geared toward group practice owners. As group practice owners ourselves, we understand the ebbs and flows of growth and leadership, and the inevitable questions that come up when we take big steps (and risks) toward having the business we want to have. That’s where Group Practice Builders comes in.


Hey! I’m Maureen. I am a therapist in Chicago, a group practice owner, and a group practice business coach.

As a therapist, I help adults with trauma histories, individuals improve their relationships personally + professionally, and entrepreneurs/professionals learn to manage the stresses of leadership.

I started a group practice (Urban Wellness) in 2012 and it has grown to a multi-location, 20+ staff that provide counseling, psychological testing and medication management. My mission is to provide care to as many people in my community as possible.

As a group practice coach (The Group Practice Exchange), I love helping solo practice owners start and grow their group practices, as well as helping established group practice owners scale their group practice. I love talking about marketing, organizational structuring, scaling, leadership, and everything in between.

As a group practice trainer and facilitator (Group Practice Builders), I get to travel  the country spreading knowledge about how to start a group practice and make it thrive. It is my goal to help as many group practice owners feel confident as a business owner and leader and to connect group practice owners with one another to build a great, supportive network. And, I get to do this with my favorite group practice owner + colleague, Michael.


Well, hello there!  I’m Michael Blumberg.  I’m a psychotherapist, group practice owner, a business consultant and one heck of a dancer.

I’ve spent the past several years working with people who struggle with severe anxiety disorders and OCD spectrum disorders.  Some common issues that I regularly help with are OCD, Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Social Anxiety, Specific Phobias and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  I use evidence-based treatment strategies to decrease anxiety and increase my clients’ ability to function and live a meaningful life.

I started my own group practice in 2012 in Glenview, IL called Glenview Counseling Group.  Back then it was just me working full time and two other therapists who worked 1 day per week and my mother-in-law helping out with the billing.  Our group has grown since then and we now employ a total of 10 therapists and a full time office manager.  This growth has allowed me to focus on helping others grow their own practices in the Chicagoland area, which is a passion of mine.  I’m excited to travel across our great country and help as many people as possible become their own successful bosses.  Together, Maureen and I are dedicating the next phase of our careers to helping the helpers with Group Practice Builders.